Uh-oh / Just Another Day at the Dojo / Come Back Here! /Mass Confusion


This is all YOUR fault, Ranma / So Much for My Nice, Quiet Weekend at Home / This Is No Ordinary Elephant / Good Girl, Jasmine

His Name Is Kirin / Use a Shrimp to Make a Royal Catch / A-ka-a-a-n-e-!!

She Was Such a Nice Little Girl

"Youth" / I Knew This Was Gonna Happen / Is This How He Treats His Bride? / Be Kind to Animals Week / Winding Down / Kirin's Bride is a Fussy Eater / Fussy Eater v2.0

The Road to Nekonron: You DO Understand! / Augh, the SMELL!! / Are You Gonna Eat it Or Not!?

Return the Switch! / Percussion 1 / You'll have to Defeat Us First / Percussion 2 / Defeat Us First v.2 / None Shall Pass, I said

Samisen / Drop the Interlopers Into the Sea / Pretty Lady / Come to Him Willingly, Akane / The Word "Defeat" is Not in Kirin's Vocabulary

There It Is! Seven-Luck Mountain / Then THAT means... / The First Gate: Bishamontent / Outta the Way!!

Guess That Means "C'mon In" / The Second Gate: Daikokusei & Daihakusei

No Guard at This Gate? / The Third Gate: Woo / How Lovely You Are

Such Bold Words / The Fourth Gate: Monion

The Fifth Gate: Ebiten / You'll Have to Do Better Than That / Mad Dash / Why Won't You Come For Me, Ranma?

You Flakey Jerk (The Voice of Love) / If I Didn't Know Better... / Let's Finish This / KatchĂș Tenshin Amaguri-Ken Revised / Pinching Chopsticks vs. Rising Dragon

Is Important Scroll, Right? / It's My Home Cooking

Main Theme: It's Love: Sung by Rabbit -

The End